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My kids have discovered chocolate milk via chocolate syrup and their worlds are forever changed. Thank you, Ah!laska!
{Conversation while watching Inside of Dragon Alley at WWOHP}
  • 7yo: Mommy, when did you first read Harry Potter?
  • Me: Almost seventeen years ago...
  • 7yo: Wow, you're like wicked ancient.
  • Me: Thanks, kid.
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Sharing a mug of ice cream.
Selfie with the boy  (at Six Flags Over Texas)
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"You’re too ______"

"Do you even eat?

"Oh, should you be eating that piece of cake?

"You should try going to the gym."

"I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight, like you."

These are just SOME of the things you should not be telling anyone.

I hate, no, loathe, when family members tell me that I’m too thin. Like, are you frickin kidding me? You’ve known me my entire life. You KNOW how I am.

You’re NOT too ______. You’re good. If someone tell you that you can’t wear a bikini because it “doesn’t fit your body style” you tell them to suck it and wear that bikini with pride.

We only have one body, unless there’s a mix up like in Drop Dead Diva.

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El oh el
You know you’re a grown up when sales on produce excite you

I got three containers of organic strawberries and two containers of organic raspberries for $11 at Whole Foods tonight and I was like way beyond thrilled.

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Unpopular Opinions

I’ve never watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And I don’t plan to.

I’ve never tried sushi. I have no desire to try it. Every time I have walked near it, it makes me want to gag.

Coconut water? Bleh.

Gluten free dairy free nut free brownies? What is life.

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Homemade frapp
How Neville feels after nine hours at Six Flags. I feel you, dude. (at Six Flags Over Texas)
Natalie driving. Watch out, world
Caved in. 

Artificial flavors & colors: 1
Me: 0 (at Six Flags Over Texas)